Who Do We Serve?

Older Adults

There is a new challenge in retirement: navigating complexity. Surviving and thriving require more knowledge than ever before. Insurance options, benefit programs and the health-care and home-care system are overwhelmingly complex and constantly changing. It takes expertise and experience to get the best outcomes.


Adult children belong to the sandwich generation. Like salami and the cheese, they feel squished between the responsibilities of their careers, elder care and raising their kids. Often, family caregivers sacrifice their own well-being and financial security to help their parents grow old gracefully. An experienced professional can create a plan to create an improved quality of life for both you and your parents.

Other Professionals

Attorneys, physicians, home care agencies and community service workers refer older adults to Aging Life Care professionals when they identify unmet needs or indications of an issue. They then work in partnership to plan and implement interventions and strategies to assist the older adult.

The Aging Life Care Professional

Providing care management with compassion and empathy.

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